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Dear Soon-To-Be REALTOR®,

It’s hard to know whom you can trust in today’s wild real estate market, to hang your hat and truly enjoy an award-winning, highly-productive, and lucrative career-path.  As a new Agent, however 

it’s important for you to know, that the number one complaint consumers have with REALTORS® is a lack of experience and professionalism. 

This creates a very frustrating experience for buyers and sellers and consumers are wise to know when a Broker has just hired you because you had a pulse, not because you have any drive, understanding of how to follow proven systems, or real passion.

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Most traditional Brokers are solely after that monthly fee.

And consumers know it.  

In return, consumers feel cheated; they experience firsthand the cliché of overpaid part-time agents with misleading business card photos, who are only available at lunch time and after 5pm.  

And that’s IF they bother to return the phone calls. 

Most of the time, you will be promised “100% commission splits” only to find out that the training, coaching, and systems are not in place to move your career forward.  

The result; 50% of all licensed agents NEVER SELL a home.

 With a traditional Brokerage that is eager to pick you up just for numbers, you’ll experience:

  •  Optional Education with systems designed to benefit Brokers.
  • The Broker model prepares data capture for agents to leave.
  • Accountability is nonexistent and there are few or limited leads.
  • As an Agent you’re on your own to succeed and fail….and per NAR statistics, most fail in less than 24 months!
  • Brokers get paid by YOU every month, even when YOU don’t sell!

So why get caught up in the hype of traditional Brokerages?

You want to make money right? You want to be in control of your future and be able to provide for a family. You want to be a part of a team of success-driven Entrepreneurs who all follow a proven formula of success. In essence you want a happy and rich career… 


In 2013 we opened our doors with a different mindset for real estate.

We believe that Clients deserve better, and so do Agents. 

We took the “Industry Bible” related to income and built a model to get Agents like YOU paid better.

With our help you will learn how to:

  • Put the client experience first through culture.
  • Deliver an accountable, excellent experience to clients that they can observe….this removes the mystery.
  • Demonstrate excellence in results through systems, technology, training, coaching, and qualified leads, plus we have a NEW SEO training program to teach all of our Agents how to target niche markets in organic search results through websites and landing pages online. 
  • And you will learn to make “Raving Fans” your #1 job! This is a business we run for Raving Fans, not a place for hobbyists.  

When you hang your hat with TEAMRE, you’ll get proven systems, processes, coaching, accountability, qualified leads and SEO training.

Plus, you will see that:

  • Education is required to succeed in this industry.
  • Systems are designed to benefit the Clients first, and then the Agents.
  • Our Broker model prepares data capture for agents to succeed and accountability is required through culture.
  • Leads based on Agent behavior and SEO training is available to boost performance and empower the Agent to optimize content for promotion.
  • Agents sell more homes with our training and proven systems, so our Agents take home more money which impacts YOUR bottom line and if that wasn’t enough, we even make Group Health Insurance available!

Team Real Estate gets compensated when YOU, the Agent, gets compensated. 

Provided you’re serious about developing a six-figure, award-winning career as a Top Producer, based on proven and replicable systems, Team Real Estate offers more bang for your time and commitment to what works. That’s why we have happier agents, a higher percentage of Raving Fans, and greater production per Agent that stays with and supports our TEAM.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some things our Clients say: 

Suzie was great to work with. She laid out the process in detail with each step to help us understand. From writing the offer to negotiation, inspection, appraisal and closing. We highly recommend Suzie and Team Real Estate.”  

 Mark was on top of the ball every step of the way! We had great communication back and forth; any questions I had I knew I could count on him to answer them in a diligent manner. If you’re looking for a straight shooter get ahold of Mark, he’s an excellent gentleman to work with!”

 We had our house on the market for over a year with a “old fashioned” real estate agent — the type that only know how to list the house and then keep lowering the price until someone makes an offer. Martin with Team came in and used his extensive knowledge of real estate, the internet and social media to analyze the market and our home to make specific changes to marketing and found us a good buyer quickly. He was able to show us WHY our home was not selling, who the competition was, and what the buyer was looking for, specifically in the area of our home. Fantastic agent!”  

 Suzie helped us find a home that perfectly fit our family. She made herself available whenever we needed it. Whether for a showing or to take a phone call. She absolutely knows her stuff and is very professional! We then had Martin on the other side who sold our home. They do such an amazing job listing your home. Professional photography and multiple social media outlets to help sell your home quickly. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell.”

 Now is the time to choose the best career-path for your Real Estate Agent journey, however, before you make a decision on any Brokerage or Team, contact our office today at: 913.219.7580 and ask for Suzie or 913.568.3219 and ask for Martin.

Get Started now with a call-back request to speak to one of our Top Producers about a rewarding and lucrative career at Team Real Estate.