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Thinking About For Sale By Owner? Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

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For Sale by Owner: Consumers see twice the failure

The idea of the FSBO is that you sell your home and avoid the realtor’s services and pocket the standard realtor commission of 6-7%. In theory, you’re able to save thousands of dollars while still receiving the benefits of working with a realtor.

In theory…

1-Truth is the Buyer thinks that they get the money:

The Buyer knows buying a FSBO home means more headache for them, but they charge in knowing they will get a discount equal to the saved comission. Wait a minute, you, the Seller, thought you’d get the money? Think again.

2-Everybody started off with the wrong impression:

In reality, 87% of all homes sell with a Buyer’s Agent, and that effort is a service you pay for at closing. FSBO listings are often an indication that you, the Seller, aren’t going to help much. After all, the Buyer’s Agent has to fill out the information related to your side of the transaction, as well as the Buyers’….And that same Buyer’s Agent has do twice as mich work for 1/2 of the commission. Most importantly, that agent takes on the liability of both sides….Not a good idea.

3-Listing your home is about getting Buyer’s attention-

The marketing plan actually starts prior to the property hitting the MLS. The photos taken from your IPhone won’t hold a candle to the professional photos my photographer delivers, nor will your Facebook and Google campaigns come close to attracting as many potential Buyers as I will. You came to a gunfight with a dull spoon.

FSBO means you’ll be doing these things on your own. And, even more unfortunately, those steps are the ones that decide how much money you’re actually able to pocket for your home.

In short, it pays to have a trained, qualified expert on your side, walking with you through the sometimes-stressful process of selling a home. Someone who can:

  • Work through the paperwork: You won’t believe how heavily regulated the housing industry is.
  • Supply critical sales skills: Even the best of homes don’t sell themselves– especially if you want your asking price.
  • Handle the negotiations: A professional realtor acts as a “buffer” in heated transactional negotiations.
  • Understand market conditions: Get help understanding what’s going on in today’s market– and what it means for you.

It’s possible to find highly-qualified buyers interested in your home, to sell your home faster, and to get your full asking price… all without¬†pulling your hair out.

From setting the price to creating marketing campaigns for traditional media and Web, we’ve¬†got a proven plan that will match your house with the right buyers for the right price. TEAM Real Estate is committed to fast, professional and courteous personal service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home selling process. Our trained and certified agents specialize in the Kansas City real estate market and are prepared to sell your house to the right buyer for the best price.

It all adds up to what we call our “Worry Free Listings.”

Cancel Anytime – No Long-Term Contracts

This is the ultimate no-hassle home selling program available in Kansas City. We offer you all of the benefits and expertise of working with a realtor without squandering the advantages you get from selling your home yourself. And with our Cancel Anytime Guarantee there are no long term contracts to tie you down.

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