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Love It Or Leave It Guarantee Imagine buying your dream home. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

The “Love It Or Leave It” Guarantee


If you don’t love your new home, we will sell it for you for 50% off the listing commission.

Buying a home can be a daunting process. You spend all this time saving for a down payment and looking for the perfect place for you and your family.

But what happens if you move into your new home and realize you’ve made an honest mistake and your home doesn’t meet your needs? This realization can be devastating to a new home owner. If you purchase your next home from TEAM Real Estate we have a solution. . .

Move into your new home and if you don’t absolutely love it, adore it, and think it’s the most wonderful investment you’ve ever made – We will sell it for at a reduced commission (up to 6 months after closing).

How Can We Make Such a Bold Offer?

Our agents are some of the most experienced sellers in the Kansas City Metro marketplace. They listen to our clients and make sure they are fully informed during the home purchasing process to eliminate surprises upon move-in.

Dedication to helping home buyers find the perfect homes should be front and center on all sellers’ minds.

Unfortunately, for some, the commission is. At TEAM Real Estate, we wanted to up the ante and double down on customer satisfaction.

That is why we will sell your home if, for any reason, you become unhappy with your purchase within the first 6 months. This pushes us to make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the home is right for you.

We will not let you make a bad or uninformed investment. You can rest assured that any home purchased through us will be the home of your dreams. It’s guaranteed.

Ready to get started?

Give us a call at (913) 451-5700 or tell us more about the home you’re looking for in the form to the right.


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