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Trick Or Treat – Home Search Edition

Trick Or Treat – Home Search Edition

Halloween is a great time of year, as youngsters race to the front doors of homes, lining up waiting to shout the familiar chant, “Trick or Treat?!” Their faces light up with excitement wondering which sugary treat they’ll get this time. Or…will they get the illusive “trick” of Play-Doh or fruit?

Unfortunately house hunting can leave you with a bit of both tricks and treats, too. Maybe you’ve found yourself in this situation…

Christian and Ashleigh were deep into their home search, intently reviewing the new list of homes their agent had sent to them through her private website… ”It’s pretty frustrating that pictures rarely show the real dimensions of the home”, Christian said. “Every home looks beautiful in the photos”, Ashleigh laughed. 


Many real estate agents utilize apps and special lenses to spruce up how their listings look online. While they may not technically be lying, it’s not exactly honest, either. Shooting photos of a room from just the right angle can make it appear larger than in real life. There are also certain lenses that somewhat distort the shape and angle of the photo, again making the room look larger than it actually is.

Another trick many agents use is the use of photo editing software. They’ll make colors more vibrant and edit shadows to make things look newer or larger. They may edit the landscaping to make it look more well-taken care of than it is. Some even add in things like a fake fire in a fireplace, a beautiful sunset in the window, lighting around the landscaping, and more.


At Team Real Estate, we let our homes speak for themselves. We don’t edit photos or use fancy equipment. You get real photos, every time.

“Wow! We’re able to look at the home without standing in lines, and the ones we like we get to see at least twice!”, Ashleigh exclaimed. Christian responded, “You’re right! I can put up with the average photos in exchange for the opportunity to see more realistic homes before we write our offer!”


Home inventory has almost doubled as interest rates have risen in the last 60 days. Reluctant buyers are heading for the sidelines. Buyers receiving better coaching from their agents are buying while prices are moderate, with the plan to refinance after rates drop. Team Real Estate will work with you (with honesty!) to make sure you have realistic expectations, no matter your home buying or selling goals. Contact us today!

If you’ve got questions regarding the impact of the shift on your search or the value of your home, we’ve got answers!

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