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Top Spring Remodel Ideas

A spring makeover may be on your mind if you’re looking into home remodeling in KC. Spring is a great time to upgrade your house, considering that the warmer temperature means dry walls and other materials will be given enough time to dry. You can even build new additions to your home!

Yet with the sweet scent of flowers all over the air, don’t just run to Home Depot to buy the pinkest wallpaper you can find just yet. Here are top spring remodeling ideas to spruce your home.

  1. Take a look at your kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the first place you should look at if you want to remodel your home this spring. Bring in bright colors, put in timeless appliances, and update your cabinets. Your imagination is the only limitation to your home’s remodel in KC. Our clients love updating their kitchens with all chrome and stainless steel—talking about timeless, then that material’s sure to last for the ages!

  1. Think about resurfacing your driveway

Your driveway may just be a means to an end for you, but it can significantly ruin your home’s aesthetics if you let it! If you’re considering remodeling your home, think about resurfacing your asphalt driveway. Or better yet, redo your driveway no matter what material it is made of. You can maximize the warm weather so it can cure properly, and when summer rolls around, you’ll have a beautiful driveway that’ll be perfect for your sidewalk parties.

  1. Upsize with window treatments

In a pinch when it comes to home remodel in KC ideas? Go for budget-friendly solutions—that is, budget-friendly window treatments. If it is cut at just the right length, it can give your windows the appearance of height. Also, bright colors can draw the eyes of your guests and make them see how beautiful your home is.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to spruce up your home to increase its value, then head over to Our friendly staff will be glad to set you up with an advisor so you can get the best advice on how to make your home more valuable.

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