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Weekly KC Metro Market Update

Confused over the market shift? Let’s sort that out quickly!

Miami Ciunty buyers have are carefully choosing those homes that are best prepared to write their offers in a less competitive market….there is less competition out there as buyers waiting on low interest rates have temporarily wirhdraw, Make no mistake, waiting for the competitive spring market will brings the moans and wails on multiple offers back to the average buyer experience.

There is still competition, just a little less of it. There are still multiple offers but we are seeing fewer appraisal gap waivers and fewer inspection waivers. We have even seen an uptick in contingencies for the sale of buyers homes being accepted.

Miami County Sellers your homes are on the market an average of 30 days, though sales values haven’t dropped appreciably; and the fewer offers are closing right on time, making it easier for you (sellers) to find your next home!


Miami County was originally named Lykins County when created as one of the original 33 by the Territorial Legislature in 1855. The county was not organized until April 2, 1857. In 1861 the name was changed to Miami. It was organized by S. H. Houser; Daniel Goodrich; C. A. Foster; John Childers; C. H. Crane; S. L. Adair; T. J. Hodges; and D. L. Perry, and contains the cities of Louisburg, Fontana, Osawatomie, Paola and Spring Hill (part).

Isaac McCoy’s proposal for an Indian state and the removal of the Indians in 1830 enabled white missionaries to settle in the area. John Brown’s free-state headquarters was located in the area, and the Battle of Osawatomie, August 30, 1856, following a series of raids by both free staters and Missouri supported pro slavery forces, capped the disturbances in the area. Brown’s son Frederick and four other free staters were killed. Osawatomie was also the “birthplace” of the Republican party in the state as it was organized at the Osawatomie convention on May 18, 1859. In 1910 President Theodore Roosevelt dedicated the John Brown Memorial Park at Osawatomie.

The first church was the Osawatomie Congregational organized in 1856, and the first building was constructed in 1858. The first school district, Number 1, was formed at New Lancaster, Miami Township, in 1858. Although fairs had been held since the 1890s, there was no official county fair until 1945. (

If you’ve got questions regarding the impact of the shift on your search or the value of your home, we’ve got answers! Click the button below and let’s get you the information you need to be successful!

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