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Hey there, Kansas City! How ’bout those Chieeeeeefffsss?! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time for our weekly rendezvous with the ever-evolving landscape of the Kansas City real estate market.

This week, we’ve got some interesting figures to share that shed light on the current state of affairs in our beloved city’s housing market. So grab a seat, settle in, and let’s dive right in!


First off, let’s talk numbers. The number of homes being listed this week is down by 16%, totaling 381 homes. While this might seem like a significant drop, it’s not necessarily cause for alarm. We often see fluctuations in listing numbers, influenced by various factors such as seasonal trends, economic conditions, and even weather patterns.


Now, onto the juicy stuff – prices! The average list value has seen a notable uptick, rising by 8% from last week to reach $389,495. This increase reflects the ongoing demand for housing in our thriving city, as more and more individuals and families seek to put down roots in our vibrant community.

However, it’s worth noting that the average sold price has experienced a slight dip, down by 7% to $330,118. While this might seem contradictory to the increase in list values, it’s essential to remember that real estate is a dynamic market, influenced by numerous variables. Nonetheless, these figures provide valuable insights into the delicate balance between supply and demand in our local housing market.

Market Activity:

Moving on to market activity, we see a mixed bag of trends. The number of listings with price reductions has decreased slightly by 4%, indicating a level of stability in pricing strategies among sellers. Additionally, the number of homes going back on the market has seen a significant decline of 24%, suggesting smoother transactions and fewer disruptions in the buying and selling process.

On the flip side, the number of pending homes is on the rise, up by 5% to 604 homes. This increase underscores the continued momentum in our market, with a healthy number of homes moving swiftly through the pipeline towards closure.

Days on Market:

Last but not least, let’s talk about time – specifically, the average number of days on the market. This figure has seen a noteworthy decrease, down by 20% to just 44 days. This reduction indicates a heightened pace of transactions, with homes spending less time sitting idle on the market. It’s a testament to the dynamism of our local real estate scene and the efficiency of our dedicated agents at Team Real Estate.

In Conclusion:

So, what do these figures tell us about the current state of the Kansas City real estate market? Well, they paint a picture of resilience, adaptability, and ongoing opportunity. While we may encounter fluctuations in listings and prices, the underlying strength of our market remains steadfast.

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TEAMre Market Watch Update Kansas City Housing Market

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