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Selling Your Home? Consider Making it Smarter

So you’re selling your home and you’ve already decluttered, repainted and staged, as well as spruced up your outside landscaping. In addition to improving the aesthetics, you might want to make your home smarter to attract buyers.

That’s according to a recent smart-home survey, which found that potential homebuyers want pre-installed smart-home technology.

Selling your home in Kansas City made simple

For example, the survey conducted by Harris Poll found that:

  • 77% want smart thermostats
  • 75% want smart smoke detectors
  • 66% want smart-home security cameras
  • 63% want smart locks
  • 63% want a smart lighting system

Installing all or some of these smart features can really differentiate your home in a competitive market, helping you sell it faster and at or above the asking price. The good news is that most of the upgrades are not expensive.

Here are six smart-home upgrades suggested by Consumer Reports to help give your home an edge:

  1. Install a Smart Thermostat: Many include features such as voice control and geofencing (the ability to adjust the temperature as you leave and return home).
  2. Get Smart Smoke Detectors: Today’s smart detectors send alerts to your phone if they detect smoke and notify you when the battery is running low. But you also can upgrade your current detector with a smoke alarm listening device, which sends you alerts when it hears your detectors go off.
  3. Secure Your Home with a Video Doorbell: Make your home safer by installing a camera front and center at the front door. Video doorbells detect motion and when someone rings the bell, an alert is sent to the homeowner’s smartphone and video clip of the person outside is saved.
  4. Install Smart Locks: You can also enhance security with a smart lock. Some include an auto-lock and unlock function when you leave and return home, as well as allow you and future owners to remotely control the lock via a smartphone or voice using Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant.
  5. Replace Old Bulbs with a Smart Lighting System: Installing a smart lighting kit is easy – just swap out old lightbulbs with smart LEDs and connect the bulbs to the internet via the corresponding hub. Depending on the system, you will be able to turn your lights off or on via voice or your smartphone.
  6. Connect All of the Above to a Smart Speaker: If you really want to impress potential buyers, Consumer Reports recommends the Amazon Echo Show. It’s pricey, but provides several nice features, including live video feed of the front door if you have installed a video doorbell. If you connect all your smart devices to Alexa, you can ask her to adjust the thermostat, lock the front door, turn off the lights, or do everything at once via a routine that you program.

These smart upgrades won’t break the bank – you’ll spend around $1,000, according to Consumer Reports. But the investment may help give your home a boost in a competitive selling market, especially among younger, tech-savvy buyers.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, it’s smart to call the experts at Team Real Estate Kansas City for help and more tips on prepping it for the market. We sell homes for 5% to 18% above the average asking price, and we’d love to help you sell your Kansas City-area home. Call us at 913.451.5711 today.

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