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Parade of Homes in Kansas City: Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

Kansas City Parade of Homes

The Spring Parade of Homes officially started on April 27 and will go on until May 12, 2019. This year’s event, as hosted by the Home Builders Association (HBA), offers existing and potential homeowners alike the opportunity to purchase the home of their dreams. The doors of many homes are going from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., giving you the opportunity to peek through the properties and see which one calls out to you. During the Parade of Homes in Kansas City, you don’t have to set an appointment or contact the property owner or a realtor to see a property. You just have to set aside time for it and go home window-shopping. Admission is free.

There is also the Spring Parade Guide which allows you to browse through all the listed homes and shortlist them as you please. You can identify the pros and cons per property, as well as see which features you wanted to see in a closer look in person. What’s more, the guide can effectively help you plan your day as you can try to see properties that are near each other to make the most out of your day.

The Parade of Home in Kansas City also highlights the 2019 American Dream Award Winners. The 2019 awardees are among the best properties that Kansas City has to offer. There are simple and stately homes on the list, and you can check out the remodeling that has gone into the homes to get inspiration for your own.

Whether you wish to upgrade to a bigger house or if you want a smaller property, the Spring Parade is the perfect time to go out and check them out. If you need assistance, remember to contact Team Real Estate at 913-451-5711.

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