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New Year, New Home: 2019 Real Estate Market Outlook for Kansas City

Owners of Kansas City homes have a lot to rejoice for, as it looks like the 2019 Kansas City housing market continues to be on the rise. The 2019 Kansas Housing Forecast states that home prices in the state would increase by 6.3% this year. The forecast was published by the Wichita State University Center for Real Estate.

For Kansas City, competition is expected to be more cutthroat for the listed homes, and home price appreciation should also increase. Home prices are expected to rise by 8% this year. Meanwhile, home sales are expected to fall by 0.4%, while new home construction rate is expected to fall by 4%.

This means that Kansas City homes are still very attractive. There has been a 1.37% population growth in Missouri last year, and with this increase comes the higher demand for quality homes. This fosters a positive projection for home sellers, as prices of homes are expected to increase by $10,000 before the year ends.

This raises pertinent questions. Do you buy a house now before the price rise, or do you wait it out? If you are selling your home, do you list your house now, or do you wait for the latter part of the year where it is expected to be more profitable?

If you need expert advice on both topics, look no further than Team Real Estate. Our team can help you make the decision that would give you the most value for your money. We have prime listings for Kansas City homes if you are looking to buy. Likewise, our highly experienced staff can help you sell your home for higher than your projected value.

This is truly the year to be wise about your home. With the new year comes the opportunity to make significant changes to your life. Call us today at 913-451-5711 to know more.

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