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Make 2023 A Year To Remember

Make 2023 A Year To Remember

As I sit here looking out my office window, I see a sunny Winter day. But in a couple months, Spring will arrive. Soon, the trees will start to have leaves again and the grass will begin to green. Flowers will begin to bloom and the birds will begin to sing. It’s a beautiful season of change! 

Speaking of change, now is the time of year we celebrate the things we accomplished during the past 365 days and make goals for the upcoming new year. Whether you make New Year’s Resolutions every year or simply look at January 1st as a day to start anew, it’s important to make your goals realistic. 

No matter how large or small, your goals need to be at least somewhat attainable so that you don’t set yourself up for failure. If you have a large goal, break it down into smaller goals to keep yourself motivated and on-track. Also, don’t look at what the best or worst outcomes could be, but what’s most likely to happen so that you don’t shoot so high that you miss. 

Transitioning to the real estate side of things, you may have a negative outlook due to all the talk in the media about rising interest rates. Don’t let that scare you! While it is true that mortgage rates have been rising, they are still well below the 30 year average of 8%. Sellers are also often motivated to sell in the Winter months. If they’re willing to list, they’re willing to move and likely don’t want to sit on the property for months waiting for it to warm up!

“I was worried about being able to find a house during the holidays, but my Christmas wish came true! We found a property that was perfect for us and our agent was able to talk them down $10,000!,” Mike said.

On the seller side of things, there is currently less competition in the housing market. Since the number of homes on the market is still relatively low, especially in the Kansas City area, that is giving sellers a bit of an advantage. Less homes to consider means less options, and less options means more offers!

“We always hear about Spring being one of the best times to sell, so we were worried about listing our home in December. Boy were we wrong! We had 3 offers in the first 3 days,” Becky exclaimed!

So if you’re in a Winter rut, remember that Spring is coming! Use this time for self reflection and goal setting and make 2023 a year to remember!

If you’ve got questions regarding the impact of the shift on your search or the value of your home, we’ve got answers!

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