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Landscaping Tips to Sell Your Home

Many homeowners take pride in their landscaping in Johnson County. Did you know that the very things that may make you stand out among your neighbors can also be the things that would drive your home’s value upwards? Here are some tips on how your landscaping can help you sell your home.

Add a Splash of Color

Take advantage of springtime and plant some brilliant bulbs that would bring a pop of color or two onto your lawn. Potential homeowners tend to gravitate towards properties that they can see themselves living in, so having well-attended garden beds would make the home seem more livable.

Remember Your Touchups

When it comes to landscaping in Johnson County, the importance of mulch cannot be understated. A new layer of mulch makes the colors on the garden bed stand out, and flowers seem to be more vibrant and the greenery looks fresh. Speaking of which, make sure that you trim your shrubs and trees so you can display them in their most presentable appearance. Doing so would show that you do not neglect your home—if your garden is this well-kept, it gives potential buyers the impression that you also take meticulous care of your home.

Add a Splash of Sparkling Water

Make sure that any water features you have are clean, with no algae and dead insects floating around them. The base of your fountain should be sparkling, while the water in your basins should show potential buyers their brilliant expressions reflected back at them. Make sure nothing is clogged and nothing smells when you walk them through your landscaping in Johnson County. If your bases simply look filthy, then consider power washing them before accepting any appointments with your realtor.

If you are looking to sell your home and you have beautiful landscaping to show for it, don’t hesitate to contact Team Real Estate for expert advice. Call us today at (808) 637-3507 to know more.

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