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Keeping it Social while we are Apart

Seems like social distancing is all the rage these days, and for good reason.  Covid-19 have left a lot of us confused, frightened and all around isolated from the world around us.  The news creates a pretty grim picture of life for the next few months.  Social distancing is a necessity, we all know that by now.  But perhaps we don’t need to distance socially to be physically distant, to stay safe.  There are so many different ways that the world is accomodating physical distance these days without compromising the social life we so desperatly crave.

Online Platforms 

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Google Duo allows anyone with a phone number and a smartphone or computer to do video calls! It is easy to install and even easier to operate.   Duo with your grandparents and let them see the dogs playing, the cookies baking or have them read your children a bedtime story.

Programs like Zoom allow a large group to communicate with eachother.  Grab your extended family, book club, or friend group and play a wild game of Cards Again Humanity, Pictionary or Charades. You’ll forget your are isolated when you are laughing and playing with your favorite people!

Rave is a social video based app.  It allows you and your online friends to watch the same youtube channel, netflix video and many other services in real time, together, while chatting and laughing! My teens say that it’s like a virutal sleepover with out the uncomfortable sleeping bag.  Grab some friends and binge watch that Tiger show everyone is talking about!

Support Small Businesses

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Nothing speaks stronger than a few dollars at the local coffee house drive thru, or Sunday brunch picked up from your favoite local brunch place.  Is there a boutique or bakery that you love? Can you shop them online?  We want small businesses to be around when we are ready to gather in person again.  So support them as often as you can and then post about your experience on Social Media! Spreading our love for small business brings people together in new and innovative ways.

Think small when looking for services.  Do you need lawn care or has your HVAC suddenly stopped working?  How about a roof leak or a driveway patch? What about Insurance or Real Estate? There are small local business in every aspect of your life.  When you buy from small business you put food directly on the plates of people in your community.  Think Small when shopping and don’t forget to review them online.  Need Recommendations? Let us know, we are here to help.

Keep Socializing while Physically Distancing 

Smile big and wave at your neighbors when you are out for a walk.  I’d bet they are happy to see you too!!

Carry sidewalk chalk.   When you wander by friends or neighbors homes, leave them a message.   If there is a common area where kids tend to ride bikes or take walks, draw an obstacle course or a hopscotch board.  Their parents will thank you!

Arrange a traveling Easter Egg Hunt in your neighborhood.  Pleace a colored easter egg in your window and invite your friends and neighbors to do the same. Then advertise on your neighborhood website or Facebook page and invite others to post a picture of the Easter eggs they find!

Take photos, lots of photos, and share them everywhere.  We all feel connected when we reach out, and pictures tell some beautiful and hilarous stories.

When the threat is over and life resumes, we hope that we all feel a little more connected, though we’ve been kept apart. From the Team Real Estate Family – Stay Safe and we can’t wait until we can shake your hands again.

Head over to our Facebook Page and let us know how you’ve stayed social while physically distanced.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash



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