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Hungry Eaters: Best Local Restaurants in Johnson County

Johnson County restaurants had an exciting week as the KC Restaurant Week just concluded. Locals had fun trying out different cuisines and ranking the restaurants by what they think offered the best value for money.

Like everyone else, we at Team Real Estate are also fans of good food. Here is our selection of the best local restaurants in our area:

  • Silo Modern Farmhouse

This beautiful restaurant already provides gorgeous views at wintertime—just imagine how stunning it would look like during spring or summer! Silo offers a unique ambiance that is the perfect fusion of city sleek and traditional design, but the freshness of the ingredients definitely yell farmhouse perfect! Try their whipped goat cheese for an app and Berkshire ragu pasta for a filling meal.

  • Foody’s

On our hunt to try the best Johnson County restaurants, we found ourselves at Foody’s which offers the compromise between classic American meals and our favorite meal of the day — breakfast! We would be remiss not to give a shout out to the breakfast burrito, but this is the place to go to with friends and family if you are looking for a laidback and cozy atmosphere.

  • Aoyama Ramen

Finally, we include a new entry to this list of our favorite Johnson County restaurants with this newly opened ramen house. We all love to eat a comforting bowl of ramen on a cold day, and winter is the perfect season for spicy Japanese food anyway. Aoyama is still on soft opening, but everything went smoothly during our visit here. Try the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen and gyoza. Now you don’t have to drive far just to get your ramen fix, as this ramen place is one that we hope would last through the years.

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