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How to Improve KC Homes: Should You Remodel or Renovate?

One of the frequent questions we get here at Team Real Estate is that how can our customers improve their KC homes? There are only two choices, after all: renovating and remodeling. Now, which one is appropriate for you?

KC Homes

Contrary to popular belief, these two terms are not interchangeable nor do they mean the same. Remodeling means changing the structure of a room while renovating means repairing a room. When it comes to real estate, a newly remodeled room means it has been updated to the current trends, and this can be an added selling point.

When it comes to KC homes, real estate agents would be quick to tell you that both kinds of home improvement are would still be valuable since they would also enhance your property’s value. Think of it this way: by renovating your home, you are fixing all the things that needed repairing. This can be as simple as repairing cracked tiles, and as complex as fixing pipings and electrical lines.

Here’s a better way to illustrate it: let’s say you want to fix your kitchen. Your kitchen is a fire hazard, and you realize that your gas line may be prone to a leak. You fix these things, and everything else is returned to their proper places. The kitchen is in proper working condition. This is what it means to renovate.

On the other hand, let’s say you’re tired of how outdated your tiles look. Everything in KC homes is great, after all, but you don’t want to be left behind by the sleek monochromatic themes used by your peers. So you remodel. You strip your tiled countertops and replace them with granite. You also want to move the door so it leads out to the patio, so you do that too.

When you’re done, your kitchen is unrecognizable, but everything is as beautiful as you thought it would be.

We hope this has been insightful in case you are looking to upgrade or fix your home. In case you have more questions about real estate, don’t forget to contact Team Real Estate!

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