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How Smart Is Your House?

Years ago computers were the size of houses and the highest technology available was the TV remote control. No one dreamed of wireless operations. However, in 2016, houses are becoming smarter and can almost run themselves. Below are five DIY devices to help you have the smartest house in the neighborhood.

Picture This

The Blink Home Monitoring System is one of the newest smart technology products for your home. It’s also one of the simplest and least expensive home security cameras. Consisting of a wireless camera and a sync module, the Blink camera is equipped with a motion and temperature sensor. Both stay in sleep mode unless motion is detected or the temperature changes beyond the limits you’ve set. When either of these occur, the camera clicks a photo and sends you an alert. The device can store up to 4,000 five-second clips. There is no subscription fee and prices start at $99. For more information, see

Detect a Drip

Delta Faucet has partnered with iDevices to offer homeowners the Delta Leak Detector. This smart device connects to your Wi-fi network and sends an alert to your smartphone when it comes into contact with water. Although most similar devices depend on AC power, this Delta product runs on batteries. A small drop of water will not go undetected. For more information, go to

Swipe Left or Right

We are used to swiping left or right on our smartphones, but here’s a device that lets a swipe turn lights on and off, raise and lower window blinds and turn a faucet on or off. What looks like a picture frame has sensors that allow hands-off functions of everyday technology. The Swipe runs on batteries or USB power, generates an electric field that can pass through materials such as drywall or even granite, so it can be embedded in a wall or mounted beneath a countertop. Visit for more information.

Where there’s Smoke, Is there Fire?

Smoke detectors became available and affordable for households in 1965. They have changed through the years so that they now can detect the difference between smoke from a fire and from cooked food. Halo Smart Labs have developed Halo and Halo+ detectors to warn of fire and carbon monoxide as well as severe weather and local law enforcement emergencies. An alert will tell you in what room or house the emergency is happening. Visit for more information.

Get Smart in Your Kitchen

If you don’t want to fork out money for smart appliances, spoon out just a little for three Smarter devices. The Smarter Mat weighs a container of kitchen ingredients and pings when you need to replenish it. The Smarter Detect monitors the noises in your kitchen and warns you when the refrigerator door has been left open or when the dishwasher has finished its cycle. The third device that will carve out a smarter life in your kitchen is the Fridge cam. It’s an IP camera you can install in your refrigerator to see what’s there while you are at the store … without your list.

All of these devices pair up with either an Android or iOS phone smartphone and connect to your home’s Wi-fi network. These are just some of the amazing products featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

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