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How Do You Find a Good Realtor?

So you’re thinking about buying a home, or maybe selling your current home to upgrade or downsize? Well, you will need a quality Realtor in Kansas City. But how do you know you’ve found a good one?

Before signing a contract that binds you to a real estate agent, good or bad, for six months or more, do your homework to find a quality Realtor in Kansas City. Get recommendations from friends, neighbors and co-workers, and when you find a few options, ask the following questions:  

How long have you been selling real estate?

While years of experience don’t necessarily equal success, if an agent does not provide good service, he or she won’t survive in real estate for long. A seasoned agent with many years in the business likely has seen it all and will be able to address any situation or bumps that pop up in your situation. Whether you’re a long-term investor, first-time homebuyer, house flipper, or selling an estate, an experienced agent will know how how handle it.

Are you too busy to give me the attention I need?

So your second cousin is a real estate agent? Great, but if she has 50 other clients, does she really have time to properly focus on selling your home? If your agent is working with a high volume of clients, find out how he or she can even return your call in a timely manner should you need additional support. Does she have other team members who can help? Does she have a licensed assistant who can offer advice? If not, perhaps it would be better to find a less-busy agent.

Do you work more with buyers or sellers?

Many agents focus more on sellers than buyers, or vice versa. Many teams have designated buyer agents and listing agents. While it’s good to specialize in something, it can mean that you have a very limited perspective. If you’re trying to sell your current home, you might not want to choose an agent who mainly focuses on helping buyers.

What areas do you cover?

This is critical. You want to choose an agent who knows the area you want to move into or out of. An agent with intimate knowledge of the area you want to buy or sell a house in will be advantageous. That agent also will presumably know what homes typically sell for in certain neighborhoods and other agents who work in the area. This insight will help during negotiations. So find an agent who who works both in and around your main area of interest.

Can you provide three references?

Read reviews online, if possible, but don’t be afraid to ask the agent for references from past clients. It’s likely the agent will provide clients that were happy with their work, but  you can ask pointed questions to get a good idea of how the agent conducts him or herself and evaluate his or her customer service.

Do you sell real estate full-time, or are you a part-time agent?

In the KC market, about 93% of all licensed agents work part-time, and more than 50% of all licensees will never sell a single home, according to Martin Taggart, team leader and lead listing specialist with Team Real Estate KC. In addition, 50% of all listings this year will go to market with a listing agent who has never sold a home before, and for whom this will be their first and last listing. Ever. Beware of brand new listing agents, Taggart said. Inexperienced agents may not be able to see the current trends, and might not bother to find out.

What’s your marketing plan?

Find an agent who can articulate a solid marketing plan and who can explain exactly what you need within that marketing plan (depending on your list value) to get your home sold. Make sure that agent has professional photos of your home taken, and make sure you see those photos prior to listing. The agent should include targeted keywords that reflect the narrative that works best in your subdivision, your price range and your zip code.

If you’re looking for a quality Realtor in Kansas City, call Team RE, 913.451.5711. Find out why we’re the No. 1 real estate team in Kansas! Visit for more information.


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