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Home Décor in Kansas City: 6 home decorating trends in 2019

It’s time once again to refresh your home decor in Kansas City. In this blog, we will compile what the experts have deemed to be trendy this year.

  • Be sustainable

It’s time to chuck the clutter out of your house as the philosophy of home designers today is “less is more”. You have to be mindful of where your décor came from and if it was created using sustainable means. If you own something that is wasteful, then you can replace it with a prettier, more sustainable alternative.

  • Be more gender-neutral

This means you should avoid lumping your little girl with a pink room and your little boy with a blue room. This year, home decor in Kansas City should highlight diversity. Go crazy with the design if you want—no one is restricting you from being creative.

  • Connect with natural elements

Natural elements are the focal point of this year’s interior design, as fresh, natural materials bring color and a unique appeal to most homeowners. Think granite, copper, and stone as the next fixtures to your home.

  • Monochromatic hues are still in

In line with the “less is more” philosophy, contemporary designs are also still considered as attractive this year. Go with a black and white design and balance it with bold copper and natural elements. This way, you would be getting the best of both worlds.

  • Go with patterns

Floral patterns, brass décor, and geometric patterns seem to be another interesting trend in home decor in Kansas City for 2019. Pairing the patterns with bold colors would surely make any room pop out.

  • Be easy with the vintage

Finally, don’t just throw out your vintage lights just yet. They are making a comeback this year, along with vintage light fixtures, sconces, and pendants.

2019 seems to be the year when the old meets the new in perfect harmony. Would you want to see more interesting pieces? We at Team Real Estate have a number of homes listed for your viewing. Head over to to know more

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