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Foolproof Tips on Staging Your Home for that Quick Sale

You might have heard about it from the real estate market experts: staging your home is one of the best methods to make a quick sale. Many homes that haven’t otherwise been staged tend to end up getting sold for a lower selling price than asked for, or to stay in the market for a long time before finally getting sold. Thus, staging should be done by the smart homeowner that is looking to immediately catch the eye of buyers who are intent on purchasing their dream lifestyle along with their dream home.

What is Staging?

Staging your home means styling and upgrading your home from the way it looks at present. In order for a home to sell quickly, it has to look as catalog-worthy as possible, as though something that stepped out of a magazine, and appealing to a specific type of buyer.

A smaller home can be decorated and revamped to appear as a cozy home for a new couple, while a larger one can be a big airy home for a big family with a number of children. It’s just a matter of transforming your home into something that someone wants to see so that it jumps right out at them when they go hunting for property.

Some great ideas:

  •         Make it look good — right off the curb. Many buyers might want to drive by the property first, trying to see how it looks from the outset. Start staging your home by getting that front yard tidy with some nice greenery and flowering plants. You can also power wash the steps, walkways, and brick, and polish up some bright house numbers. That means cleaning the porch as well.
  •         First thing’s first: clean the house! No property will sell in a “lived in” state. Even if the interior has its own character (perhaps you have a collection of china or knick knacks that you’re quite proud of), everything must still appear clean and tidy. Everything must be in its proper place when photos are taken, with no clutter to be found.
  •         Invite them into the dining room. When staging your home, the dining room must get special attention. This means that it must be impeccably set, sparkling clean, and styled to perfection. Take inspiration from some catalogs, set down fancy dinner place settings, and get newly upholstered seats. A bouquet of flowers in a vase as a centerpiece and some candles will add to the stylish appeal.
  •         Add some natural accents. Some flowers, plants and even artful arrangements of twigs and dry berries will make a room look straight out of a magazine. This is important even for property within the city, as these natural features bring life to a room.

Staging your home might seem like a challenge at first, but you’ll be surprised at how bright and welcoming it will look once you’re done. It will go especially well if you’ve made sure to get professional photographs of each area. With those photos going up on the listing, the home can get snapped right up off the market sooner than you think. For more real estate advice, head to Team Real Estate and discover what else you can do to make that property look good.

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