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Five Reasons to Buy a New Home

When you start shopping for a home, you’ll need to consider whether you want to buy new construction or an older, more established house. There are pros and cons for each, but some buyers really like the advantages that come with a new home.

Here are five convincing reasons why people buy new homes in Kansas City:

  1. Less maintenance: This is an important consideration. If you’re putting down a large down payment, you might not have a lot of money left over to replace carpets or repaint. With new construction, you won’t need to do either for many years. And that roof and water heater? They are under warranty in new homes, and good for at least 10 years.
  2. Modern Luxuries: New homes in Kansas City may be short on character, but they usually come with lots of nice conveniences, including wine coolers, master suite baths, large his and her closets, workout and media rooms, and smart features that control the lights, home theater system and thermostat at the touch of a remote or an app on your smartphone.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Many new homes in Kansas City are built with energy efficiencies, such as thermal pane windows, low-flow shower heads, well insulated walls, ceilings and floors, and solar panels.
  4. Built to Code: Code regulations change often to protect consumers. With a new home, you can be assured that your home is up to code at the time of the sale. If an inspection catches something that’s not right, your builder is on the line to fix it.
  5. New Home Warranty: With new homes, builders give a warranty and, if they’re a reputable builder, they will promise in writing to correct anything that you find wrong during the first few months or even years after you purchase the home. You don’t get that security with a resale home. Of course, it’s critical to buy from a reputable builder who will stand behind the structure and its components.

When you’re shopping for new homes in Kansas City, you need an experienced real estate team to help you through the process and help you negotiate with the builder. Team RE is your team of local KC real estate experts, and whether you’re buying a new or older home, we’re ready to work for you! Visit us at

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