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An Important Message to our Clients & Friends from all of us a Team RE

 To our Clients, Friends and Family,

Over the past few days, it’s become clear that the world is facing some challenging times. We are deeply concerned and equally committed to keeping our community and families safe and healthy.   We know that every household is facing difficult and unique circumstances.  Whether you are elderly, have the kids home from school, or are displaced college student, we want you to know that our family is here to help yours.  We take our responsibility as a small local business very seriously.  We are so grateful that you have trusted us with your most important asset and we are committed to giving back to you, the community that has given us so much.

We are Here to Help

With Food: If the school closures have you concerned with your child not eating breakfast or lunch please let us know. We will do what we can; a box of cereal, milk, pb/j. No judgement, only love.

With Hands:  If you are in need of moving help to move a college student out of the dorms or need it for any reason, we will help our community, friends and clients.

With Transportation:  If you are concerned with being in public we are happy to pick up prescriptions, pet food, groceries. We live to love well.

U-Haul is offering free storage, while available for displaced college students.  UHAUL OFFERS FREE STORAGE.

 We Are Still Working For You

Need an Emergency Fund? Maybe it is time to refi.  Consider refinancing asap to potentially secure an equity line of credit in case of financial distress. You have equity in your home. Be aware of people scamming. Contact a trusted professional to ensure you do not become a victim of a scam. We have access to a list of reliable loan officers to help you out!

This is the time to sell with the proper protocol in place and we are ready to ensure that you keep reaching for your dreams.  We are maximizing technology in innovative ways. Who represents you matters.

It is still a good time to buy. Interest rates remain at an all time low, now is the true time to buy a personal home or an investment property. Who represents you matters.

As you well know Our agency is different.  We want you to know that once you are part of the TEAMRE family we will not stop serving you.  If your preferred agent gets sick or is unable to work for you for any time, another agent is ready to step in and help – immediately.  We know that your life goes on and we are committed to ensuring that it does.

I wanted to share how we are responding as a company to the situation and assure you that we are taking every precaution necessary and will continue to do so throughout the spring and early Summer.

We are humbled by your loyalty, and we take our responsibility to our clients, friends, teams, community and our partners very seriously. We have proudly served this community since 2003 and will strive to be a vital part of giving back to our community every single day.


I am not an alarmist…My glass is almost always half full… I’m not elderly…I’m not diabetic…My lungs are strong… I work a lot but have flexibility….. I live in Johnson County.. SO if you or someone you know is concerned about being out in public…  Please call us – we are your hometown helpers.


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