Wendy Diskin

    "Mamma Bear" Realtor

    Being a real estate agent is the "perfect career" for me! Why not make a career out of helping to make people's dreams come true? There is nothing more fun than helping someone with their "dream home" or their "for now home" or their "ahhh… finally retired home".

    People say that I am "always happy and have a smile on my face". But my kids say, "don't wake Mama Bear"! I guess you can say I am a bit protective of my 3 children and those that I care about. That includes the buyers and sellers that I represent! I take my relationship with my clients very seriously; always keeping their best interest at heart.

    Everyone deserves to be represented by a Mama Bear, & experience the TEAM advantage!

    Wendy Diskin
    Team Real Estate
    8500 W 95th St.
    Overland Park, KS 66212

    Wendy Diskin

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