About Us

    The Select Homes Way

    The team business model in real estate was born in the late 1990s.  In early 2002, Mike Grbic embraced it as a way to revolutionize the way real estate is practiced.  Mike set out to learn as much as he could about building and running a successful real estate team.  At the time, Mike Grbic and his small team of Realtors operated under the Coldwell Banker franchise and called themselves “Mike Grbic Team Realtors.” In 2009, Mike and his Team left Coldwell Banker to open their own brokerage.  At that time, the team consisted of Mike Grbic, and about 10 agents, including Brian Brundage and Grant Farha.

    After opening offices as “Select Homes” on Rock Road in Wichita, KS, the team began recruiting and quickly realized that they needed to bring in someone with a solid background in sales management.  It was in 2010 that Adam Bailey joined the company. Due to his energy, passion, and high level of production, he was selected to become a partner and take over sales management at Select Homes in January of 2014. This completed the present partnership group for Select Homes that we see today. In 2015, Select Homes began expanding and opened a satellite office in Kansas City.

    Why the team real estate approach?

    The team business model is a unique but increasingly popular trend in real estate. Select Homes stands out among the crowd as being a shining example of how it’s done best.  Within this client-focused model, a real estate agent is supported by the company in many significant ways, including training, marketing, lead generation, office space, IT support, Contracts Teams, Listing Teams, Inside Sales Agent Support, training, coaching, and mentorship. These resources help them to become and stay successful.

    In traditional real estate little of this is available, and the agent must acquire most of it on their own—usually paying a premium to do so. Because an agent at Select Homes is able to specialize and focus on what they do best—helping clients—they are typically much more productive and, in turn, are higher paid than their peers at traditional real estate companies.  On average, a typical agent sells 6-8 homes per year.  At Select Homes, our agents average 30-40 homes per year allowing them to quickly far outpace their peers in experience and expertise.

    Thanks to our unique business model, Select Homes is growing by leaps and bounds. What began as a team of three agents has grown to include over 50 agents in Wichita, Kansas as well as satellite offices Newton and Hutchinson, and a partner-owned office in Kansas City!